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It does is, for me, but I would be a fool asking you to believe it. Isla del Se is an imaginary world beyond reality so no, you won’t find it out in any map. But there is always something which doesn’t need to be real to exist, does it?

Every Temposcopium is inspired by Sir Pent, the daemon who guards the secrets of Time, the first daemon I met here on Isla del Se. But he is not the only one, of course. I will bring something different to the surface soon, so just subscribe to the newsletter (you can just drop your email address in the box below) and I will be happy to keep you uptodate about any news from Isla del Se.

You are going to check the circumference of your wrist. Choose the point where you want your Temposcopium to sit, (I suggest measuring below the protruding bone of your wrist); lay your arm with your hand palm facing up and open your hand, then snugly wrap a measuring tape around the choosen point with the other hand. Read the number on the tape that overlaps with the zero at the tape end. Here’s your wrist size.

If you do not have a measuring tape do the same passages with a string or a ribbon. Pinch it where it meets its end around your wrist then, keeping that spot pinched, lay the string flat and measure with a ruler from the pinched spot to the end. It is easier than it seems.

I recommend to not wrap the tape or string too tight nor too loose around your wrist. If you prefer a tighter or looser fit just add this detail to your message and I will adjust the size according to your needs.

I easily get bored doing the same thing twice, don’t you? Every piece emerged from Isla del Se is unique and not reproducible, not only because it is made entirely by hand but in the name of a specific philosophy of mine. I will refuse any request of duplicating an existing piece. Anyway I tend to revisit themes, symbolism and concepts, so if you like a very specific object from my body of work do not esitate to contact me and I will do my best to arrange a new unique piece just for you (for more information about commissions read below).

My work is the result of a personal process of inspiration and symbolization but I come back from Isla del Se just for letting my vision be also meaningful for you. So, as long as your request meets the philosophy and integrity of my body of work, I will be glad to accept commissions. Just send me an email to: [email protected] (or use this contact form) with your request details and we will discuss them together.

Generally, I find very satisfying giving new life to things someone else would have thrown away. The philosophy of the “second chance”, of repurposing and giving new life to abandoned and neglected things is something the existence of Isla del Se itself rests upon. This is a long story I will tell you someday.
Besides this, I strive for my work to be harmless toward the planet; this is why every object from Isla del Se is mostly made from upcycled materials, personally and carefully sourced (and no, I do not collect materials from the bin, for the sake of your hygienic concerns). I also avoid any animals byproduct in my creations.

All of the product available for purchase on this website are entirely made by hand by a human being. Handmade products do have small imperfections and asymmetries, which are what made an handmade product unique and genuine.

I do my best to show and describe in details my work, but I please you to undestand that it could happen that what you see on the website slightly differs from what you will see in person (for reason which include, but are not limited to, difference in monitor rendering). If you have specific questions about product details, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to [email protected] and I will be happy to help.

Every Temposcopium is delicate in nature and should be treated with care. Teorically every Temposcopium is waterproof, by the way, to promote longevity, I recommend to avoid washing and drying processes, by hand or machine. Gently spot clean only if needed.

You can find all the information needed in the Shipping and Return Policy page. 

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“I guess you will have an hard time believing what I am about to tell you, I would have not even thought I could have done this before I found this Post Office in the isle. But now that I found it, telling is a necessity for me. 
It all starded months ago…”

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