Panta Rei

Temposcopium TPPR019

I got it into my head that I would have stopped Time. Just one moment would had been enough, so to see if it could be doable. Of course, they said, you have to go on the bank of the silver river which flows from the top of the Opus Mount. Restlessly, below the water, flows a shoal of thin shiny fishes. Catch one of them – they say – and you will catch a moment. And I did it. Drunk for my expectation, I went to the river and into the flowing water I dipped my hands with impetus and greed. The first fish passed them by, the second slipped away, but the third was mine. I victoriously pull it from the river and looked at it in awe: it gleamed for a second but then into the trap of my hands it died.

The watch arms disappear while a shoal of fishes flows to your wrist from the top of the Opus Mount. Let them flow, because everything flows as the old Greeks said: Panta rei.

Cotton and metallic embroidery thread // upcycled white silk satin and washed out cotton denim // glass beads // cellulose based eco-leather

// 2019 //


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