who is Martina

I am the kind of person you usually define a self-taught artist; I studied psychology instead of ever attending any kind of art school and I secretly cultivated my deep love for Art as a way of approaching life. I believe in the fecundity of pain and in the salvific power of beauty; I don’t know if this is enough for considering me an artist, anyway a definition is not what I am looking for. I am rather looking for who I am; it was along this path that I discovered Isla del Se. It opened up as a terrible void into my life, but a void is also a passage to cross by, and I crossed it.

a void is also a passage to cross by,
and I crossed it.

Isla del Se is the name I gave to the outpost of the Depth when I penetrated it, beneath the surface of life. Isla del Se is a solitary isle but I chose to go back and forth from its depths; it may not exist at all for you, and the voices of the daemons I hear over here may have for you no sound nor meaning, still my purpose is to craft them into symbols for bringing them to the surface.
No salvation nor truth could come to you from the outside, yet Isla del Se is but the Depth within us all, and I chose to put the work of my hands at its service to witness it.

I have put the work of my hands
at the service of the Depth
to witness it.

It’s all a matter of Correspondence over here

“I guess you will have an hard time believing what I am about to tell you, I would have not even thought I could have done this before I found this Post Office in the isle. But now that I found it, telling is a necessity for me. 
It all starded months ago…”

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are you still wondering who I am?

look at what I do

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